Sanjeev Rao

Product Manager Intern, lives in Barcelona, Spain

I have dabbled in API testing, web development, and product management in my 5 years of experience. I initially worked for 2+ years at Accenture, then for 2+ years at a crowdfunding start-up, and currently as a product manager intern at a start-up in Barcelona. I am a guy who is learning the ropes of product management and trying to pivot into product management from a technical background.


The 5 What

A user will not adopt everything that you thought they would like. If you are making users learn something new, something they have not…

Mario Di Nucci

Head Of Product Management Presso OLX Autos (formerly Frontier Car Group), lives in Berlin, Germany

I’m Italian, born in a region so-called Abruzzo which is famous for the same reasons New Zealand is famous (wild nature, a lot of ships and sadly many earthquakes). I moved to Padova where I study engineering. I worked in and for hospitals for 5 years until I moved to Germany. …

Paula Herculano

Group Product Manager, Lives in Seattle, USA

With a background in technology, she has extensive experience in the product area, managing other product managers and multifunctional teams. She created the product area of PagSeguro, in which he was head of products, UX and UI for 5 years. Later she led the digital products team at Rede.
She moved to Seattle in early 2020 with her family. In her spare time what she likes most is to play with his daughter.


The 5 What

Focus on the problem to be solved and not the solution. If you ask your client what the pain…

Camila boni

Technical Account Manager at Pismo, Lives in São Paulo, Brasil

For many years worked in the commercial area, marketing and events, until moved to the Products area, where she found herself. Enthusiast in investments, personal finance, learned how to manage her own money and invest it in the best way.


The 5 What

That there is, and never will be, a good product without good people, leadership and management behind it.

They are people with a lot of energy, who are thirsty to make things happen, but who also need to see through other’s eyes to have a clear vision of what…

Vinayak Sharma

Senior Product Manager(Head of Product for News Vertical) at Jagran New Media, lives in Delhi, India


Started career as a Junior Product associate after completing a bachelor in Computer Application. Did a master's in Business administration from IIFT while working as Product Owner in an e-commerce company. 11+ years of experience in News & Media, Telecom, Jobs & Consumer Facing Websites.

He also dedicates time on Console/PC gaming and watching football matches on weekends.


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The 5 What

Feedback loop is necessary in your life and product. Without the constructive mechanism, it would become a monologue, which people often find low…

Rodrigo Martins

Lead Product Manager no PagSeguro / BoaCompra, mora em São Paulo, Brasil

He started his career as a designer until he became Head of Product in one of the largest digital companies in Brazil. Besides being a product professional, he also dedicates himself with great intensity to triathlon and ultra aquatic marathons.


The 5 What

A good product is product that people use. Each one of us has a background, a repertoire and this can be decisive when designing a good product, so the maxim and most valuable idea of working with products is that to be a good product it has…

Sidharth Raina

Product Lead at Fidelity International, lives in New Delhi, India

A Pharmaceutical graduate with a PGD in Clinical Research, managed to migrate early in the Financial Services industry staying there for over a decade surfing across Operations, Technology and Business. Despite my base location in India, I’ve had the opportunity to work in the UK and Europe assisting the relevant business areas. An ideator or contributor towards other ideas and innovation which improves customer experience.

Outside work, am a military enthusiast, geo-political interests, and a novice/amateur bass guitar player. Pre-COVID era, tried to visit one new country/place a year.


Dimitra Poulianou

Product Manager at SumUp, Living in Berlin, Germany

With quality and tech background, Dimi started her journey as a Business Analyst for a SaaS solution and then moved to “official” Product Management working with Data teams.

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The 5 What

At the time, I didn’t know how important it was but the first thing I remember was focusing on is the why. As a tutor, as a student, as a tester and then in product.
I had come across Simon Sinek and that captivated me. It clicked so well with my lack of self confidence and helped me see that there…

Magno de Santana

Digital Product Expert at Knowledge21, lives in São Paulo, Brasil

With extensive experience in product development. Devotes his time helping people and companies rethink the way they develop products, sharing his knowledge through training, consulting and community. | LinkedIn | Instagram

The 5 What

A product is the result of a process of experimentation and learnings based on consumer needs. Understanding it is crucial for the development of important products.

The best product people I have met are ambitious, determined and competent. …

Changing jobs can be quite a challenge and very exciting!

But this also means that we will discover new things. You are taking a step in the unknown. You will feel the discomfort of getting out of your cozy known environment. So, EMBRACE IT!

The uncomfortable feeling will be there. Don't fight it. Be aware that it exists and use it the best way you can.

On my case I prepared myself creating some groups of things I have in my mind, that I consider important to exercise on my first days in a new company and help me to…

Luiz Almeida

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